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Pro Safety & Rescue, Inc. has put together a rental fleet of top of the line, reliable equipment that can fit the needs you’re looking for. Our 24 hour, on call, qualified service team can set up a quick delivery or will call for the equipment whenever the need arises. These highly skilled service team members can customize any equipment packages for your particular situation you and your team find your selves deal with. Whether you’re dealing with an unexpected outage, petrochemical leak, a construction delay, or agriculture situation, we have what you’re looking for. We pride ourselves on having the newest and best maintained products for you to rent.  Click through the tabs below to see what equipment we offer.

When forced ventilation just can’t get rid of that atmospheric hazard, you need a reliable, high quality piece of equipment.  Our air trailers are equipped with a six bottle cascading system to provide continuous Grade D breathable air to you team members.  Our breathable air equipment line offers a solution to any atmospheric situations.

Maybe you don’t need a whole trailer for your project. We have smaller options as well.  We carry a line of breathable air carts with two small bottles of Grade D breathable air for that quick confined space work.  There is also an SCBA rental for that upcoming micro project.

Just as there are no projects that are the same and they can vary greatly, so does the need for specific ventilation for that project. Now add potential hazardous situations into your mix and you have a big problem. Don’t worry, Pro Safety & Rescue, Inc. has the key to your success, it’s ventilation, and a lot of it.  We carry a variety of intrinsically safe ventilation solutions to fit any need you have on your project. We carry blowers and fans ranging in all sizes and ducting that snaps right to the shroud so you can pull or push air in any direction for the best results.

These fans are great for ventilating manholes and other confined spaces, and providing fresh air and removing fumes to increase worker safety and comfort.

Working in a remote location with no power? Say no more, we also carry a variety of generators to accompany your ventilation and ducting rental.

Gas detection is an ever changing department.  Because of those changes, we offer a wide variety of types, makes, models, and brands to best fit your needs. Our line up includes your standard portable, fixed, and wireless systems, along with GPS, and lone worker – man down solutions.

The wireless fixed systems help keep the job site clean and safe because they get rid of the cable hazard and they can be set up quickly.

Our lone worker – man down systems are a handy portable unit that has real time GPS locations and Cellular services built in with monitoring; in case of an incident where EMS services will need to be dispatched.

You can be confident that all of our systems whether fixed, wireless, or portable, will offer the most current and sophisticated technology and reliability.

We have a great line of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and Hip Pacs available for rental.  These systems can be rented for any length of time making it a perfect fit for you next project. All of our systems come fully serviced, inspected, and filled along with on going services and maintenance as long as you need the SCBA or Hip Pac.

It is important to note that pulmonary and fit tests must be done for the team members that will be required to use the systems.  We can provide that to you during the rental purchase or before, which ever is more convenient for you and your team.  Those services can also be done in the field or at our offices.  More detail on our fit testing is available down below.

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We are an RKI Instruments Distributor and Repair Center

Over the past 70 years, RKI Instruments has been the world leader in gas detection and sensor technology equipment. That is why at Pro Safety & Rescue, Inc. we teamed up with RKI Instruments to provide our customers with the best gas detection safety equipment possible. We provide sales of all portable and fixed RKI gas detections equipment and systems. Additionally, we provide warranty and non warranty service. No matter what the problem, we can provide safety equipment solutions.

Our gas detection services team, monitors and services a variety of industries and in a variety of applications. From power generation, oil & gas, agriculture, aerospace, wine and beer facilities, to theme parks. We have a large variety of platforms in our gas detection systems from wired and wireless fix systems, wireless hand held systems, and lone-work / man down systems. Our gas detection service team is fully trained for all of your calibration, serving, and repairing needs. This includes all types of gas detection systems, even your personal monitors.

We are an RC Systems Distributor and Repair Center

We want to make sure we offer you the best detection systems available.  RC Systems has been manufacturing Gas Detectors and Critical Alarm controllers since 1979.  These systems are part of our line up because they are so well know for their reliability, performance, and ease-of-use.

You can find RC Systems in many different application areas. Some of those areas include fixed and temporary ambient gas detection as well as numerous other multi-signal monitoring applications using both wired and wireless communications.

Our highly skilled gas detection specialist take pride in their customer service and can give exceptional technical support on your gas detection and critical alarm controls when you need it.  Some of the systems we can deliver are:

  • Gas and Flame Detectors
  • Alarm Controllers
  • Wireless Monitoring

We are a Blackline Safety Distributor and Repair Center

We understand that our customers (YOU) have a wide range of needs.  Safety for your team members is a major priority.  That is why we carry Blackline Safety monitors.  These monitors deliver safety solutions and location awareness for you and your team. You can have piece of mind knowing you are protecting your personnel while lone workers can share the conditions of their environment and connect with emergency services when necessary.

With the full line of products from the all new G7 Safety Device, the Loner Connected Safety Device, and the Safety Monitoring Software, you can rest easy knowing that Blackline has your team members covered.

G7 Safety Devices

  • Wireless Gas Detection
  • Lone Worker
  • Evacuations
  • Mass Notifications
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