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Our team of highly qualified technical rescue professionals, maintain high levels of proficiency in rescue strategies and techniques that meet the National Fire Protection Association requirements of both NFPA 1006 “Standards for Technical Rescuer Professional” and 1670 “Standard on Operations and Training for Technical Search and Rescue Incidents”. Additionally, our team of technical rescuers maintain California State Fire Marshall certifications in Low Angle Rope Rescue Operations, Confined Space, Rope Rescue Systems I & II, Trench Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, adhere to OSHA & Cal-OSHA regulations and Pro Safety & Rescue, Inc.’s skills and validation testing program in an effort to sharpen each team members’ specialized rescue skills. The Pro Safety & Rescue, Inc. Technical Rescue Team is outfitted with state of the art, highly specialized rescue equipment that enables our rescue teams to respond to any rescue situation: complex or non-complex, day or night. Our rescue technicians are able to provide basic life saving and safety services during high stress situations that require deployment of Emergency Medical Services.

We offer around the clock response for every one of our rescue services. No matter what time of the day or night, our team is ready to serve at a moments notice.

Our team of competent rescue professionals maintain high levels of proficiency in rescue strategies and techniques. Our rescue teams have extensive safety training and are outfitted with state of the art rescue equipment. This enables our rescue teams to respond to any rescue situation. With a rescue team consisting of Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technicians and Confined Space Rescuers, we are able to provide basic life saving and safety services during situations that require deployment of Emergency Medical Services.

At Pro Safety & Rescue,Inc. our rescue teams are trained to meet and exceed all confined space rescue and safety requirements for horizontal and vertical entries. Equipped with the best rescue equipment, our team of Rope Rescue Level I/II Rescuers provide the solution for any of your low and high angle rescue needs.

This is a space with significant levels of internal hazards like piping and supports. It also includes vertical and elevated entries into confined spaces.
Confined Space
This involves the rescue and recovery of victims trapped in a confined space or in a place only accessible through confined spaces like vaults and tanks.
High Angle
This is a technical rope rescue technique used to rescue injured or incapacitated persons on terrain at slopes of 60 degrees or greater.
Low Angle
This refers to rescue operations on slopes up to about 35 degrees. In this situation rescue ropes are used mainly for balance because the ground supports the rescuer.
A specialized subset of confined space rescue, this involves shoring up the sides of the trench and is one of the most dangerous rescue operations to complete.
Swift Water
Also called "white water rescue" is a subset of technical rescue dealing with white water river conditions. Our team is training for just such a situation.

Our team of trained competent confined space attendants are just what you need to have the confidence in knowing that the team you have in your confined space is in good hands. They have the skills and knowledge to continuously monitor your space throughout the day, communicate with your confined space entry team, and anyone else doing work in and around that space.

This team of attendants works in conjunction with our rescue teams so that when you need multiple confined spaces opened immediately, all at the same time, we can make that happen. This provides a cost-effective option to your project that helps keep everyone safe, maintain compliance in all Cal-OSHA and Federal OSHA requirements and keeps your project on schedule.

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