Who Is Pro Safety & Rescue?

Pro Safety & Rescue, Inc. was created out of the desire to serve those around us in the agricultural, construction, industrial and the oil and gas industries. With a team that has over 30 years of experience in safety and rescue, our team came together with the motivation to impact the lives of those in the business and communities in which we work.  We believe that we are able to accomplish this mission through providing innovative safety training that challenges, quality safety products that protect the whole person and unparalleled professional rescue services by competent men and women who are passionate about their calling to the safety and rescue fields.


Pro Safety & Rescue, Inc.’s mission is to serve our customers in creating and sustaining a safe work environment by providing professional rescue and safety services.

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Our core values
Our High 5 Is Who We Are
We believe that in order for our team to provide the best possible safety and rescue services to our customers we must be guided and led by strong core values. Our High 5 is the core of who we are.
We Are Servant Leadership
We are to first be leaders in serving, whether in the community or on the job site, we are to serve those around us. Putting service first will, in turn, allows us to then become leaders in what we do.
We Are… Integrity
Without personal and team integrity, we have no business doing business. We strive to remember that integrity means always doing the right thing in everything we do, whether someone is watching us or not.
We Are… Professionalism
As a team and individually, we are passionate about providing professional safety and rescue services. We make sure that our presentation and processes are far above anyone you've worked with before.
We Are… Excellence
We are united by our pursuit for excellence in all that we do. Our team is obsessed with making sure that they live by the term excellence in the ordinary. That's in our paperwork, our driving, and more.
We Are… Honesty
In all areas of business, we need to be open and transparent. Honesty is not an option for our team, it's a priority. We believe that a person is only as good as the words they give, good or bad, it doesn't matter.
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